TISM By now you would be wondering who the hell is TISM? What do they do?? TISM are a balaclava clad aussie alternative band containing 7 members
Humphrey B. Flaubert - Vocals, Drums & Drum Programming (Real name unknown)
Ron Hitler-Barassi - Vocals & Dance (Real name Peter Minack)
Jock Cheese - Bass Guitar (Real name Jack Holt)
Tokin Blackman - Lead Guitar (Real name James Paull?, 1996- )
Les Miserables - Vocals & Dance (Real name unknown)
Eugene De La Hot Croix Bun - Vocals & Keyboards (Real name Damien -?)
John St. Peenis - Saxaphone & Dance (Real name unknown)

TISM these days no longer use the saxaphone, but use techno sort of stuff to fill that void. The main core of the band is 4 of the guys, Flaubert, Hitler-Barassi, Cheese & DeLa Hot Croix Bun, while the other three dance and carry on. TISM's songs are not the 'normal' sort of songs as you would hear, they have such songs as 'Defacate on my Face', 'Whatareya?', 'I might be a c***, but I'm not a f****** c***' and many many more. These songs are more humourous, but to some off putting, which leads to the fact that not many people in this world put up with listening to them. My first impression of TISM was they were a bunch of larikans singing funny songs. I heard their latest album, 'www.tism.wanker.com' and instantly became hooked on them. Mainly because this album had me rolling on the floor laughing. This lead to me buying the album, and even seeing them live at Sydney's Big Day Out, and for me they were the highlight of the day, considering there were such bands there as The Living End, Regurgitator, Marylin Manson, Powderfinger, and much more.

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