Ok you are wondering who the hell is TISM? What do they do?? TISM are a balaclava clad aussie alternative band containing 7 members
Humphrey B. Flaubert - Vocals, Drums & Drum Programming (Real name unknown)
Ron Hitler-Barassi - Vocals & Dance (Real name Peter Minack)
Jock Cheese - Bass Guitar (Real name Jack Holt)
Tokin Blackman - Lead Guitar (Real name James Paull?, 1996- )
Les Miserables - Vocals & Dance (Real name unknown)
Eugene De La Hot Croix Bun - Vocals & Keyboards (Real name Damien -?)
John St. Peenis - Saxaphone & Dance (Real name unknown)

Well obvisouly you don't know who TISM are, but you know know there names. And to tell you the truth I don't know much more than that about them, as in the people behind the masks. But not many people actually do. They are not really a 'likeable' band, not one to take the cd home to show your Mum. Not everyone will like them, but that is the case with most bands these days. TISM like to attack politicians, hence the diatribes about Jeff Kennett etc etc. TISM pretty much take songs to the level of they sing about what they want to sing about and not care about what the music industry think. It is almost as if they thrive on failure to sell CD's. But I will have some songs up on my site soon, so you can make your own judgments, but I think they are one of the greatest bands ever!!